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Our History

Established in 1993

How It All Started...

In 1992, a small group of Cowboy Action shooters, spearheaded by Mark Vaughn (alias Oklahoma Spuds), Brent Cummings (alias Trent) and Terry Nibarger, (alias Red River Drifter), met with the OKC Gun Club Board in an effort to establish a Cowboy Action division at the Club. Historically, the Oklahoma City Gun Club divisions held primarily static precision pistol and rifle shooting matches and the Shotgun division had a strong participation in their skeet and trap events. However, these activities did not include the movement and shooting of multiple loaded firearms that Cowboy Action Shooting participants enjoy. After thorough explanation and convincing, Cowboy Action Shooting was finally approved and the Cowboy Action Shooting Division of the Oklahoma City Gun Club, the Territorial Marshals was formed.

The Cowboy division initially utilized the black-powder range, which at that time was located where the shotgun range is currently. The inaugural match, held the summer of 1993, had approximately 40 participants and monthly matches were held the 4th Sunday of each month. Smaller facades, store, saloon, jail fronts were constructed and 6 stages were set up the day before and torn down after each match. In a matter of a few months, interest had increased and monthly matches were experiencing 40 to 60 shooters on a regular basis. In April 1994, the first large multiday National Match, Land Run – Cowboy Action National Shootout was held with approximately 100 shooters.

By 1996 the Cowboy division was proven and growing. Therefore, the Club relocated the shooting facilities to their current location to accommodate this growth and provide a place for permanent facades. There were initially 6 bays constructed and the process of building the permanent facades began with the intention of the new range being ready for Land Run ‘97 which had grown to approximately 200 participants. Our Division facilities continued to grow with 2 more bays being added in about 2001, for a total of eight. During these years, it was common for the monthly matches in good weather to have 80 to 90 participants; there were even a few with over 100 for a monthly match. Land Run had grown also, to the point of it was limited to 300 competitors with many more vendors and visitors participating. By 2003, growth had reached the point where an additional monthly match was added on the second Saturday of each month. In addition, the office, pavilion, storage buildings, restroom facilities, and parking areas had been added and expanded through the years.

Today, the Club’s Cowboy Division, the Oklahoma Territorial Marshals, is continuing to grow. Monthly match attendance is exceeding 100 participants. Land Run – Cowboy Action National Shootout, which was originally limited to 200 competitors, has grown along with the expansion of our facility to allow for more shooters. In addition to participants who come from all over the United States, numerous volunteers help make this one of the more desirable matches in the United States.